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K&S Investment Group

Asset management

Development and new construction of apartment buildings

Real estate is the safest investment

at any time and any place


Where to put my money? Real estate is the safest investment at any time and any place. Asset management works according to a very similar principle - only here you can take it a step further with us.

With our model, you not only get advice on investing, but you also become our partner and you transfer the management of your money directly into the hands of an expert like K & S Investment GmbH

Selecting the right property is crucial for an appropriate return. Subsequent renovation or modernization expenses can increase the value of the property.

But it is not always easy to find the right property. And not every property produces high returns. That's why we're here for you!!


Our concern

We want to build housing for the residents of this wonderful city. Our investment decisions are designed for several generations. Once a property is in our portfolio, we continually develop it further. In this way, we not only ensure their long-term preservation, but at the same time increase their value and prospects for success. After all, every property is only what you make of it. We buy land and apartment buildings with an investment idea. Whether attic conversion, core renovation or land. We are interested. We are working on finding and realizing lucrative properties. Do you want to invest? Here too, we are at your side. This gives us and our partners convincing advantages.

Residential construction


The construction of multi-family houses is a strong trend due to the housing situation in Berlin. The advantages of this design are obvious. This means that a large number of residential units can be created in one planning process and yet designed individually. We have the expertise needed for such complex construction projects.

Responsibility for property values
Our aim is to identify, sustainably increase and secure the potential for increasing the value and use of our real estate assets. As an investor, we look at the entire range of asset management services, starting with inventory analysis and the creation of business plans, as well as the identification of cost and value-optimizing measures, right through to cash flow modeling and individual reporting.
Core renovation of existing properties

If you want to secure or increase the value of a property, you cannot avoid renovating older existing properties. The reasons for this can be diverse. From replacing old pipe systems to redesigning bathrooms to refurbishing the entire facade, there are many components of a property that can be renovated to increase its value. As part of a core renovation, we professionally dismantle properties down to the supporting structures and let them shine in new splendor. As the first point of contact, we control all trades, take over quality management and all administrative-relevant processes.

Quality at a high level


In project development, we deal with new buildings as well as conversion measures and the renovation of real estate - from the project idea, through the usage concept and financing, to implementation, rental and sale. We examine relevant projects from a technical, legal and economic perspective and, as project managers, implement projects on a national and international level. We ensure smooth project management and ensure compliance with the agreed deadlines, costs and quality.


At K&S, we have made it our mission to give properties in the Berlin area a new lease of life and to create affordable living space. High-yield properties are becoming increasingly rare these days and the chances of finding a good deal are decreasing. Our focus: core renovation and new construction of apartment buildings. We work with the best architects and construction companies in Berlin. We buy apartment buildings with potential. Building plots with new building developments in Berlin are also part of our portfolio.

K & S Investment GmbH is a company that was founded by Farid Kaddurah and Dennis Schraft in 2021 and specializes in investment properties in Berlin. Through a strong network and a clever approach, the founders were able to quickly develop a promising company concept that does not shy away from success. "In order to realize visions, it is not enough to just dream about them. You need people who work with their minds, but also with their hearts, to transform these dreams into a new reality," says Schraft. We are working hard to create a beautiful Berlin cityscape. Properties in which you can live comfortably and happily. We also offer investors a reliable contact point, a strong partner who will support you in all questions. Whether advice on the construction project or sales strategy. Work with us.


K & S Investment Group

Charlottenburg District Court,

Registration number HRB 230984 B

Supervisory authority:

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district office

from Berlin. Permission according to §34c

Trade regulations: Issued by the

Charlottenburg district office

Wilmersdorf from Berlin

Represented by: Farid Kaddurah



Wilmersdorfer Str 122 - 123, 10627 Berlin

Europaplatz 2, 10557 Berlin





Telefon:          +49 17621121180

Mobiel:           +49 17621121180

Managing directors:           

Farid Kaddurah

Dennis Schraft

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